Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Scientific Bullshit

How can killing a mother and child be in the interest of science...
Well thats what Japan has started to do with these beautiful creatures.....

click here for the full story: Herald Sun

ENVIRONMENT Minister Peter Garrett has described as "distressing" photos showing the Japanese whaling fleet dragging aboard a dead mother whale and her calf.
He says the photos would help build up global opposition to whaling.
The images show a minke whale and her calf being harpooned and then winched onto the Japanese vessel Yushin Maru. "I guess when I saw the photos I just felt a bit of a sick feeling as well as a sense of sadness,''
Mr Garrett told the Nine Network today. "It's very disappointing. It's distressing when you think that it can take up to 15 minutes after a harpoon actually hits a whale for the whale to die. "It's even sadder when you consider there's a calf involved.'' Mr Garrett says the photos reinforce Australia's view that killing whales in the Southern Ocean is wrong.

I can not understand why the rest of the world is allowing this barbaric practice to continue....
How dare the Japanese Government do this? I have thought for the longest time that the Japanese people were and are a caring country, environmentally conservative and for the most part against cruelty in all its forms..... maybe I am wrong and they are showing their true colours as barbarians......
The video of this hunt is available at Herald Sun .... I must warn you its not pretty
If you are a god fearing person then perhaps you should lobby your local church or pray group and get this stopped... after all whales are Gods creatures too!
This Must Stop!
Lets work together
tell your friends
Tell the Japanese people
because I seriously doubt whether they would see these images....
Help save these creatures for our grandkids....


Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

The international ban on whaling was lifted for Japan because they were pretty much thumbing their nose at it, pirating whales. By lifting the ban, but lowering the catch numbers, they at least allow for a more honest regulatory regime, rather than Japan defying an international treaty to which only it and Norway hold (I'm not sure if the Norwegians are legally allowed to whale yet; I do know they have defied the ban).

I am old enough to remember when the campaign pushing the world ban on whaling was at full bore, and just weeping when I saw stock footage of a whaling ship harpooning, again and again, a whale. While "Save the Whales" became a kind of joke in some circles (at least in the US), the fact is there is no reason to hunt them anymore, except perhaps for cultural reasons (which is why Aleuts in Alaska are allowed limited kills for religious purposes).

Commercial whaling is an industry not only without a future, but without even a present rationale for its continued existence. Unless, however, there are sufficient resources, and sufficient political will, for world navies to enforce a ban - which has been lacking at least in the case of Japan - we will continue to see these horrid images.

hammy said...

This is so sad. But I agree with geoffrey up there. Japan is a primarily fish consuming nation. It would be very difficult to curb the whaling industry as a whole suddenly. They have to be hit with cold reason, and that too, for years before things start making sense for them.

In the face of a total ban, there will be blatant disregard for the law. There will be no regulations, and the illegal whalers would go on to wreck a lot more laws in the process. For example, they would kill wantonly and sometimes, if they fear some custom check, they may dump the bodies and later go for another hunting expedition.

With a regulatory body in place which can actively check the process, we are looking at a reduction in whaling... Economies will slowly impact consumption and hopefully, a virtual ban can be enforced in time.

In the meantime, there is nothing we can do but cry for the whales for a while longer.

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Alex said...

So the Japanese are taking these for food? People in the artic circle have to kill seals for food and clothing. Our own nations slaughter millions of defensless animals (and their children) each year, for food. Many people convince themselves that they are somehow 'different'. Not at all.

As long as the people pointing judgemental fingers at the japanese are Vegan (or at least Vegetarian for a start) then their whole argument falls apart,imo. Westerners keep dogs and cats as pets. Chinese sometimes eat both. Chinese see it as normal. We don't.

Many in the west eat chicken, pork, beef, fish, and many others things. It's only because it has been assumed to be 'normal' that it isn't questioned. Nobody from the outside is questioning it, so everyone feels at peace with the genocide that goes on each year and the wasteful industrys of excess.